Cathartic, I Guess

October 25, 2018 Blog Entry ~

Just bawled for 20 mins.


Sobbed for family lost. Wept due to worries about friends. Cried because of unrelenting physical pain. Then, just let loose because of everything already mentioned and so much more. I wailed. You know what? I actually feel better. Going to listen to my @Halsey mix playlist and sleep…I hope.


Here’s to all of us who keep putting one foot in front of the other and try to do some good along the way. Share love.

#cryingisnotweak #cryingiscleansing #cathartic #endurance #strength #love #forgiveness #blessed #bipolaruninvitedblog @ Kerrville, Texas

3 thoughts on “Cathartic, I Guess

  1. You sweet, sweet girl. Having a darn good blub is sooooo good. It’s like a release isn’t it? I hope that you’ve got a good day ahead with something nice to look forward to. I’ve just read an article that having a long soak in the bath is as good for depression as exercise …. so, guess what … I’m going to give it a go!! I love a good book too as if I’m feeling low, it’s impossible for my thoughts to wander negatively into the downhill spiral. Have a good day and keep us posted. Katie x

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      1. I’m good thank you. I’ve had some blips on the home front but am really working it all out. I’ve found that the best routine for me right now is to do my writing out of the house in a coffee shop. I just need to get out of the house. We live in a military house which is filled of course with all our stuff, but it’s very dark and I need to ensure that each and every day I get up and get out and get writing. Then I feel good. I’m glad the pain lessened, perhaps the relief of a cry relaxed you?? I don’t know … but I do know that I always feel better afterwards. Katie xx

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