Three Identical Strangers

I’ve just watched a documentary called Three Identical Strangers, about triplets separated at birth who found each other at the age of 19 years old.


I had no idea where the documentary was going, but it delved into nature vs nurture, and twins and triplets whose biological parents had some mental health issues, and their children studied years after. I should mention the kids were placed in completely different households – blue collar, middle income, affluent –  not even knowing they had identical siblings, all within a hundred mile radius. A set of female twins were in the documentary a bit as well.


Bipolar and Schizophrenia were discussed (surprise), as well as suicide, all supposedly in the name of discovering, what is truly hereditary, what do we decide for ourselves, and – what I wonder and read about quite a bit – nature vs nurture.


You might want to check it out, but please know it’s emotional.

4 thoughts on “Three Identical Strangers

  1. Is it on NetFlix ? I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about “Nature VS Nurture” Some of the newest research is claiming we are basically 100% nature. It’s ALL in the DNA. But this concept has been very unfavorable ,because of how the Nazi’s tried to “Breed” the perfect human. So the concept of Nature,became very unpopular rigt after the WWII. Margaret Sanger , the mother of Birth Control and abortions for inferior classes of people, was a strong proponent of directed breeding , to get results of a superior human……anywa, I would like to see this .I have heard of these 3 boys, but knew nothing about any possible mental illness issues

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    1. I rented it on Amazon streaming. The documentary discussed long past their reunion and a few subjects and reasons were given for why they were initially separated and studied. A few intriguing ideas came up, but consistently, nature vs nurture was present.


      1. The records, the study’s findings, are sealed until 2066. It’s quite extraordinary. I didn’t list everything about the doc for those wanting to watch it. Shall I just say, some things were staged and much more was observed than initially thought. I thought it made a very strong case for both. As ever, my opinion remains nurture can edge nature out if done with great conviction.


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