Christmas Mexican Feast

12.6.18 blog entry.

Hello, everyone. Hope you are well. I’m feeling quiet these days. I’m not depressed…I don’t think so, anyway. I am certainly struggling with chronic pain and illness, but I’m getting through it. My son has really stepped up and is helping us quite a bit.


Looking forward to Christmas. We’re thinking Mexican food.

Does anyone else do something that’s not exactly traditional for Christmas Day Meal?


We usually open gifts Christmas Eve night, attend a church service, and then on Christmas Day have tacos, taquitos, chips & salsa (you get the idea) and then hit a movie or two. Anyone have a film recommendation?


Holidays can often times be very difficult for those of us with mental illness. How are you guys doing?

Take care of yourselves and each other. 🎅🙏❤💚🎄🌮🌯

4 thoughts on “Christmas Mexican Feast

  1. Mexican sounds good. We usually have a ham. We open presents on Christmas Day and spend the day with our family and 3 very good friends.

    I’m feeling a bit down, but not depressed. Just think it’s the weather, to be honest. We don’t get much sunshine this time of year and that can bring me down slightly.

    Overall, I have very few, complaints and feel very blessed.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

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  2. I love Christmas and I used to do the Christmas dinner. Usually a bone in ham and a variety of game , such as venison and pheasant . My house was always decorated and cheerful. My daughter on the other hand hates Christmas. So, no decorations, no cheer….I mean she HATES Christmas. Fortunately my son in law loves Christmas and he loves to cook. We will have a prime rib with all the fixin’s . I’ll probably make a corn casserole from locally grown corn.Fresh is best ! I also have a recipe for a fresh cranberry and pecan cake with a cream cheese frosting. My granddaughters will be there so I intend to have fun. I do have some sadness in regards to Christmases past. It seems like Christmas was always wonderful ….maybe I have selective memories ? Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Christmas …….Mexican food sounds fantastic !

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  3. This year our Christmas will start all new traditions as it will be the first one since all four sisters will live in the same town. We are doing both Christmas Eve and Day at my sister Brenda’s as she just moved back to southeast MO after having lived in northern IL for about 20 years.

    Typically we have soups and snacks/appetizers on both days and play cards or games. Gift giving is minimal as my sisters all do gifts with their kids at their homes and our gathering is more about food and games. I’m making a shrimp dip/spread and bacon wrapped smokies in addition to pecan caramel candy and some type of cookies.

    Religion in my family is a mixed bag as we are all Christian, however attend different churches. Only my oldest sister Barb is a consistent Catholic who regularly attends Mass. I bounce between Catholic and Baptist as I was raised Catholic but Mom and Dad switched to Baptist after I got out of grade school..long story. Anyway I love hearing about friends’ Christmas traditions.

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