Three Yucky Things About BP

12.12.18 blog entry

Three Things I Don’t Like About Bipolar

1. Losing my memory.

2. Wait… what was I saying? 😶


3. Sorry, what now?

2 thoughts on “Three Yucky Things About BP

  1. Just curious. I have the usual memory issues – but I also have problems with remembering people’s faces and where I met someone – it completely falls out of my head as if I never met them at all (I forget names too, but that’s a fairly common problem).

    I’m trying to figure out if this is a bipolar thing or just a me thing. Do you have any problems like this?

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    1. I hadn’t considered that, but now that you bring this to my attention, yes. Yes, I do. I usually figure I was in a hurry when I met them, or that I met them when I was secretly feeling stressed and anxious.


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