Ariel Winter Article Medication Weight Gain

Quick article about Ariel Winter citing her anti-depressant for weight gain, the switch she and her doctor made, as well as taking a stand against haters on her social media accounts.

The article goes on to mention statistics related with other kinds of psychiatric medication, such as mood stabilizers.

Personally, I gained a lot of weight on Risperdal years back.

What have been some of your experiences?


Hope you’re all well. Take care of yourselves and each other, and show kindness. āœŒšŸ™šŸ’›

3 thoughts on “Ariel Winter Article Medication Weight Gain

  1. The day I first walked into my Pdoc ‘s office I weighted something like 125 pounds. I am 5’81/2″…I was tall svelte and had tons of energy. Possibly hypomania, but lots of energy nonetheless . I was prescribed Lithium, I gained 100 pounds in 3 months . My friends were shocked….I was appalled .Then I was on Topomax and lost about 40 pounds , but then couldn’t tolerate it for long. I am now taking Depakote, my weight is back up. My Pdoc and I had many discussions on the weight VS having a healthy weight . It’s more than just vanity. The extra weight is difficult on our joints and it saps our energy. People seldom understand the complications of taking meds, maintaining stability …they think if we just ate less we would lose weight. BAHHHHHH….. My Pdoc told me I could eat nothing but lettuce , run a maraton every week , and I wouldn’t lose weight. Encouraging isn’t it NOT

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