That Day

This is That Day.

I hate these days. The day when I realize I’ve been apathetic and depressed for weeks and months. I don’t know exactly how I missed it. I look back and see that I’ve been sleeping a lot, hurting more than usual, not doing much in the way of arts or crafts, even just sitting and staring. I figured it out today because my cat was sad he wasn’t able to get my attention, and it occurred to me then that I’ve been telling him no a lot lately, that I didn’t want to play or have him in my lap.


(Photo credit Google images)

Do y’all have something that flags you and waves 🚩🆘️ boldly in the air telling you that you’re heading down and fast?

3 thoughts on “That Day

  1. Same as you. I find myself sleeping LOTS ! I am uninterested in cooking or doing the few things that I like to do. And I also push my little dog away when he crawls all over me . Obviously he senses I don’t feel well

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    1. Exactly. I wish I had caught it sooner. It’s difficult for my family to distinguish between a lot of physical pain I’m in daily, but an increased amount even more the last few months, versus feeling down, blue, apathetic and depressed. I’m trying to say it’s hard for them to even know for sure what’s going on, and when they should say something. My cat knows. I’m like you. I truly believe that.


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