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I think I might try to find a fibromyalgia and/or pain support group. Maybe a NAMI or DBSA group, too. Hit one of each a month, maybe. Anyway….. kicking it around.


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Have any of you guys attended these types of groups? How did it go? ✌

6 thoughts on “Support Group

  1. I often attend AA meetings with my daughter. I go to show my support. As a non alcoholic , I introduce myself, but the rules are I don’t speak during the meeting. After the meeting or before I share many things with the folks. I find it very healing. Even though I personally do not have issues with alcohol, many of the emotions and life screw ups resound with me . I hope you can find some support group, being face to face with people is very healing

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  2. I attended several NAMI meetings with a friend who also lives in Ste Genevieve. The problem was that the group was held at night, in a town 30 minutes away. We found it too much driving there as the road was curvy and I felt a bit scary to drive on in the dark.

    My friend and I are hoping to work towards getting a NAMI meeting in Ste Genevieve in the next several months. There is trading to go thru and it is not free. Our county has a Mental Health Board we are planning to approach in the next few weeks to seek the funding.

    In the past I attended an Emotions Anonymous (EA) group in another town 30 min from home, but found again, the drive was too much.

    I highly recommend checking out the support groups Jen. It is nice to have folks who understand what you are going thru to talk to.

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  3. I’ve just come to the same part in my journey, looking for support groups in my area. I’m finishing up with my DBT group in a few weeks and I think I’m going to miss the group chatter every week. My therapist said there’s a mood disorders one near me, it’s on “the list” of things to do.

    I never thought to look into one for fibromyalgia or other pain related stuff, but that’s not a bad idea at all.

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    1. Right now for me, fibro/chronic pain group would be more of a help, I think, than BP group. It seems the priority now. I’m actually at the doctor’s office now and plan to ask if they have a recommendation.


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