What is there to do
When you are so alone
That the air leaves the room
And the voices in your head are silenced?

And even a roaring fire
Chills you to the bone
The flowers no longer bloom
And the wilted petals have lost their brilliance?

There’s no more resilience.
There’s only your penance.

by @jenm_curry


3 thoughts on “Poem

  1. Penance, what penance? I’ve spent twenty years on the couch getting to the answer to that question. So, penance for what? It’s no sin to have bipolar disorder, even during the times when you enjoy it. There’s no sin in trying to find a way to love yourself, or to cry when you hurt. If someone feels put on the spot when you reach out to them for some help, that’s on them, you didn’t do anything wrong. Most of all, and I wish you could see the tears on my face as I am writing this, there is no sin in trying to save your own life. Know this.
    I’ve been right out on the edge more times than I can count and I have, obviously, always come back. Sometimes out of love, sometimes anger, sometimes spite. The reasons don’t matter to me. When you’re trying to survive you do whatever you have to and anyone who would begrudge you that isn’t worth your time.
    Please know that I am with you in this and I am here for you. Hit me up any time.

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