Do You Feel As Though You Have Helped

4.23.19 blog entry ~

Question: Do any of you reading, any who have mental health issues or chronically ill physical ailments, do you feel as though you’ve helped someone else suffering with something similar? Do you feel you’ve  been encouraging? That you’ve helped others?

If so, how? How did you help comfort them? Reach them? Maybe even talk them down off of that proverbial ledge?

Just a thought that passed through my mind, so I thought I’d reach out and ask.


if you need help blog

Take care of and love yourself and others.

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8 thoughts on “Do You Feel As Though You Have Helped

  1. My earnest prayer is that I have helped people. Otherwise my suffering has been for nothing. Helping people has led me to a better place in my own struggle with bipolar and other ailments

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  2. I feel like I have helped folks by my blog and openness on Facebook about my struggles with bipolar. I’ve had folks respond in comments or pm or sometimes in person referring to something I posted.

    I get a lot from reading your blog, though I seem to miss a lot of entries somehow? I think I fixed it so I am notified of new posts, or at least I think I did?

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  3. I feel that when you share your experiences and how you’ve handled issues that come up when you have a disease helps others feel like they are not alone. I have used my knowledge with a few other cancer survivors especially those first diagnosed. They feel scared and alone and wondering why cancer has come to knock on their door.

    There are so many tests involved when first diagnosed with cancer, plus all the feelings involved with dealing with it. I find that true about MI as well, sharing our stories and how you have figured out how to do things gives others insight. There are always more than one way to tackle and solve problems.

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