Anxiety, a Paralytic

5.4.19 ~ blog entry about anxiety

Sometimes, others can explain it better than yourself, particularly if you’re almost paralyzed by anxiety, which is what I have been the last few days.


May is the month to discuss mental illness / mental health issues. If you can comment on what helps you out of deep, dark anxiety pits, please do so.

We want to eradicate mental illness stigma, so sharing here or on social media platforms is encouraged and appreciated. As ever, please reach out if you need help.


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3 thoughts on “Anxiety, a Paralytic

  1. I had an anxiety attack this past Friday morning. The trigger was interacting with another person who has mental health issues though I do not know her exact diagnoses. I had to deal with her as she was selling something I needed. My reaction was the panicked “I gotta get out of here” feeling in addition to a large sick knotted feeling in my stomach. After I got away from her I got a headache and was upset/depressed that I let the situation ruin my morning which I allowed to carry over into the rest of the day and evening.

    I had wanted to attend a “Table of Gratitude” Spring ladies banquet at church, my sister declined my suggestion that we attend. I was intimidated to go alone. Later that day one of my sisters friends invited her to the same banquet and she agreed to go with her, oh she said I was welcome to go with them. I let my anxiety keep me from attending. I was hurt, maybe irrationally so, that I did not get to go.

    My self treatment was to sleep. I did positive self talk, reminded myself how much my sister loves and helps me, even though she declined my invitation only to go with her friend later. In retrospect – I wish I had pulled my self together and attended the event.

    I am not good, in my opinion with dealing with anxiety, at least not good enough. I have a niece and nephew who also suffer and so wish my town would have a support group folks would actually come to to deal with emotions and mental illness. In the past I’ve attended EA or emotions anonymous and NAMI meetings and actually liked EA better. I wonder if anyone else has experience with EA??

    Sorry for the long and rambling comment…

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