Help Regarding Mental Health Issues

5.6.19 blog entry ~


May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Please reach out for help if you or a loved one need it. There is assistance if you have, or suspect, a Mental Illness, or if you’re a family member or friend who needs support and education. Often times, loved ones don’t think they should ask for help, or do not even know it’s offered.

Understanding what MI is and having others to talk to who are experiencing the same can do wonders. Knowing you are not alone can give you hope when you think there is none.

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Let’s take care of ourselves and one another with dignity, respect and love.


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2 thoughts on “Help Regarding Mental Health Issues

  1. My loved one with mental health issues , refuses help. She was in crisis the other night, she went on a rage rampage and destroyed her leather sofa with a knife. She pounded holes in the walls.
    She didn’t tell me about this rage episode until it had passed, but she said she still felt in crisis . I gave her the NAMI numbers….she wouldn’t call.
    I am scared and frustrated , because somewhere along the line we as mentally ill people MUST reach out for help. I can’t do it for her, SHE has to want to be better ………… I wonder, is she unwilling to seek help because she is “comfortable ” in her sickness ?
    Changing will be hard work, perhaps she doesn’t want to change ?

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    1. Very possible. How was it for you – were you wanting help when you were yet to be diagnosed?

      With the rages and destruction, especially with knives, you can call the police and they can take her for an assessment at a mental health hospital (here in the U.S., not sure how it works in other countries) but you have to know it’s going on so you can call.

      She lives by herself?


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