Take a Look at This Thought-Provoking Video by Luke Alexander

5.22.19 blog entry

I decided to share this. I think this post is quite thought-provoking. It’s about romanticizing mental illness on social media and where lines should be drawn. I do not agree with everything he says, but as I said, it got me thinking. I’m curious what you guys think, whether you have a Mental Illness or not.

I will call Trigger Warning for one part of this youtube post. The host himself tells you exactly when he begins discussing self-harm and suicide and what point to jump ahead to if you want to skip that part. It’s only a couple of minutes in a 14:19 minute youtube video.

Shows such as 13 Reasons Why, memes and drawings and art work about various MI are shown and discussed, in regards to what is self-expression vs. romanticizing things that are actually quite difficult. Luke Alexander, the host of the channel and this video, has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, so he brings some understanding to the table immediately.

And let’s not forget, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Talk to one another. Reach out for help. Ask questions. We must eradicate mental health stigma and misunderstandings – I know I always say that, but it’s because it’s fact. Love to you all and take care.


(credit: YouTube video post: Luke Alexander channel)

(photos: Google Images)

4 thoughts on “Take a Look at This Thought-Provoking Video by Luke Alexander

  1. Young people speak almost too fast for me to keep up ! I noticed this with my granddaughters and their friends. NOW , about the subject. YES, mental illness is being overly romanticized in media, in films and in music. Also in everyday speech “”OH, I’M HAVING A BIPOLAR MOMENT” …comments like that are sprinkled in almost all conversations today. Or “I’M HAVING AN ANXIETY ATTACK”….when those of us who actually do have anxiety or panic attacks, know that they can be paralyzing . Excellent subject

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it. This young man speaks really fast. In another video, he said he knows he speaks quickly, has tried all his life to slow it down, and it just doesn’t happen. Lol! I’ve seen more videos from him, and I think he has a good head on his shoulders. He’s very bright and seems to empathize well and discusses relevant, important issues.


  2. Good video. My wordpress reader is my only social media outlet for this very reason. There’s nothing romantic about bipolar disorder, that’s for sure, and some meme that oversimplifies your situation until it looks like a joke doesn’t help either.
    The little boy whose anxieties have anxieties is named Charlie Brown. Thanks for posting this here and to Luke Alexander for the video.

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