Want To Be Done

5.24.19 blog entry

So, I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I always remind others to reach out for help. Here I am now doing just that. I’m feeling overwhelmed and in pain.


I feel like my work won’t be published… sort of a “why would that website I’m so interested in want to print what I have to say?” Or, “why would anyone want to buy any decoration I made?”

And I’m so fracking tired of hurting so much, everywhere. I mean seriously, all the physical pain is just eating away at me and causing me to miss out on life.

I feel like a fraud. As happens in life, there have been some unforeseen circumstances that are causing some financial struggles. If we don’t get a hold of it quickly, we will drown.

And I’m frustrated… no, furious… that I can’t help my family.


I just want it over and done. I don’t want to be on this earth anymore.

13 thoughts on “Want To Be Done

  1. Oh Jen. People do want to help you. People do want to read what you have to say. You have a great insight to what bipolar is and how we suffer. Please hang on. I hope your financial problems get resolved

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  2. Left a comment on the Facebook post linking to this blog post. I can relate to the financial struggle somewhat, though no one can know exactly how it feels for you. I have only myself and you have more people to care for.
    Your writing and creativity are inspired and inspiring. Please know you are loved by many. I pray things work out with your finances. I have little words to help with the physical pain, I can empathize though.
    Sending you prayers, love, light and positive energy my friend. May you find peace in your life. 💜🌅☮️

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