Real Psychologist Reviews Mental Illness In Movies

5.29.19 blog entry

This psychologist’s review of various forms of mental illness in film is quite interesting. The specialist is watching clips of movies and discussing how accurate they are in depicting disorders and diseases such as Bipolar Disorder and Autism. Do give it a watch as we round out May – Mental Health Awareness Month.

(credit: BuzzFeedVideo)

4 thoughts on “Real Psychologist Reviews Mental Illness In Movies

  1. I’ve watched this guys videos on YouTube. He is great, and is not a hysteric in regards to mental illness. Overall, I think most movies are off base when they depict mental illness. The few movies he reviewed were the better ones. Although personally I didn’t like the Bradley Cooper film “Silver Linings Playbook”

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  2. Really interesting guy. I am, in the last several years not a huge movie watcher. I have only seen two of the films he discussed( Rain Man and Silver Linings Playbook) can’t say I remember the later well.

    I appreciate you sharing this Jen. I’m up really early due to back pain and lots on my mind with local politics and helping with flooding concerns in my community. Forgive me if my thoughts on your post are scattered this time. Hope you are well..

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