Continuing To Try

6.25.19 blog entry

Just a quick note, I’m hurting everywhere. Pain is so, so intense I’ve considered the ER. Fibro flare-up. Arthritis flare-up. Thus, I’m not sleeping, which makes things worse, and I hurt more. So, I’m anxious and depressed about all of the above. However, I looked over the editorial comments I was given for an article I submitted to an online publication last week, and though I am scared shitless to fail again, I changed some things and resubmitted. So, at least I tried, and I know I did the right thing because my son is super proud of me for doing so.


Anyway, as I said, brief tonight, but I just wanted to say I’ve not given up on any front, and I continue to try. Good luck to all you fine folks as well. 🌱✌🍀


7 thoughts on “Continuing To Try

  1. Proud of you ! At least you are pursuing your goal of writing ! PAIN ! uugghhh…. I’m sorry you are hurting. Fibro flares are wicked bad .

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  2. I’m not coming here to fix you, I hate it when people do that. I do want to ask you if you have tried CBD oil. I don’t think it will do much for your pain, but I do know I am one manic mutha right now, and it does help to quiet the negative self-talk and slow the racing thoughts a bit. As for failing, keep on doing it. If you don’t take a swing, you’ll never get a hit. Oh, and I’m thinking a pizza dinner may be In order for the kid. Persist.

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