Extremely Depressed

8.2.19 blog entry

I’ve been having trouble writing lately.


I am so depressed. There is no reason I ‘should’ be. Nothing newly bad or upsetting has popped up. Things are status quo. Even a few big, fun things on the horizon. Doesn’t matter though. I can barely get up. I’m sleeping a lot. I am starting to feel that paranoia biting at me.


Just gotta keep trying.

12 thoughts on “Extremely Depressed

  1. Oh sweetie I’m sorry you’re having a bad time … don’t forget, energy creates energy – try to find the strength to get outside, get the light on your skin, the air in your lungs and your body moving. Keep us posted, we’re thinking of you x

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      1. I’m good thanks .. a big move over to the States has left me tired but I’m working hard on the book and doing all those boring but necessary things to boost the energy levels .. you know how it is!

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