Halsey And Her Bipolar Experience

“If my brain is a bunch of broken glass, I get to make it into a mosaic.” – Halsey

Check out this interesting article about the 24 year old singer with Bipolar Disorder who once tried to kill herself and now travels the world performing to sold out venues and has received awards with plenty of Platnum albums.

(Photo credit: Google images)


3 thoughts on “Halsey And Her Bipolar Experience

    1. You’re welcome. Definitely check out her music. Her music offers rock, pop, indie vibes, etc. I’m actually going to go to the Halsey station when in NY and take a photo. Also, gonna visit Bedstuy, mentioned in one of her most popular songs.

      You could search Halsey on YouTube and watch/listen to a playlist of her most loved songs, and you can watch videos of her performing at her concerts. Get an idea of what you like. I love her stage presence. Wish I could go to concerts, but my back cannot handle standing up and still for two hours


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