Bipolar Meds And Any Others For MI

I’ve been on vacation. I highly recommend it. Even if you get away for the weekend, or choose a ‘stay-cation’ do it. Pamper yourself. Spark inspiration. Relax and rejuvenate.

One thing that struck me on my vacation when performing daily rituals was just how many meds I take for Bipolar.

The standard go-to Lithium stopped working long ago. Seroquel XR and Depakote are my saving grace prescriptions right now. However, I also take meds for flashbacks and nightmares, anxiety, depression… you get the point. I take seven meds to try to manage this stuff. Seven!

What about you guys?

12 thoughts on “Bipolar Meds And Any Others For MI

  1. I would love to take a vacation ! But I don’t have anyone to go with, and going alone …..well I do so much alone as it is, I would rather go and enjoy time with someone. I have often thought of the medication aspect of traveling. I take Depakote as my primary mood stabilizer.And all the side effects are pretty daunting …. 2 Anti-anxiety meds , and 3 other meds for a variety of other health issues.

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  2. I feel ya… I’ve just been away and had to pack up all my medication. I take lithium, saphris, klonopin, topamax, fluroxetine, lamitical, and thyroid medication because lithium has messed that up. Hope you had a nice vacation!

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  3. Yeah amazing how we all react differently to meds. My cocktail is a ton of Epilim, and Lamotrigine for my bipolar and Pregabalin for co-morbid generalised anxiety disorder. I have tried them all but this works the best for me so far.

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