Making The Most

Lots of energy has swooped in tonight. Actually, started yesterday. Being careful it doesn’t spiral me out of control the other way. Depression’s messy complete opposite, Mania. However, I did go ahead and take advantage and get some work done, such as laundry, cooking, adding pics of stuff to online garage sale, etc. Might as well do something instead of sitting there… not sleeping.

I think I personally have to make the most of the energy when I can to stay on top of things, even if everyone else is sleeping. Any of you guys do this,

5 thoughts on “Making The Most

  1. I don’t experience physical mania anymore. I feel it in my brain, racing thoughts ETC…. I just don’t have the energy and have too much back pain to be overly active……use your hypo-mania wisely {{{hugs}}}}

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  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve been manic. Mine is crowned with so many thoughts that I start doing a task and never complete it. Good luck harnessing the energy, your house is going to be sparkling clean.

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