Ghosted ~ May 8, 2020

I don’t think the term “ghosted” is an accurate description for those unfortunate times when someone you love just cuts you off. Not for me anyway.

Family members – I’m certain I’ve wronged them. I accept this. I apologize for this. I own this. I’m equally certain they’ve wronged me. Yet, my apology and attempts at the most minimal of contact are ignored. And most of the time, I can accept that because I have hope that later down the line, maybe, just maybe we can forgive and get to know each other again.

A friend of 30 years, however… A friend who felt more like a sister than anyone else. The person I thought knew me more intimately than any other person on Earth… That friend who decided to ghost me and cease all communication with no explanation over a year ago, the loss of that relationship haunts me the most. The thing about loved ones suddenly no longer talking to you, no longer wondering about your days… your life, no longer caring about you, is heartbreaking and tragic.

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It’s tragic in the way that death is tragic. You don’t know the last time you’re seeing that person that it will, in fact, be the last. You don’t know to count the blessings of every moment of that last time spent together. You cannot go back and say things you wish you could have said… would have said. You can’t go back and do everything just right so that you don’t question yourself a thousand times in the future… Did I say this correctly? Did I not respond in the way I should have? Did I mishear something? Did I accidentally ignore something that should have been addressed? What did I do wrong? What did I miss? If only I could go back.

So no, for me the term “ghosted” is not correct. I miss my friend. I question and blame myself, even if I don’t necessarily deserve it. It’s haunting.

I am not ghosted. I am haunted.

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6 thoughts on “Ghosted

  1. Jen, it is horrible that your long time friend has cut you off. Was there any hints as to why she might have done this ? I’m sure you have wracked your brain trying to figure it out ! Did she die ? ! ? Regardless, if she has been a friend for this long, some sort of explanation is reasonable ! I am so sorry

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  2. It really does cut deeper when it’s a close friend. I’m sorry this happened to you and hope you get some answers and closure some day ❤️

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  3. I got ghosted after moving country to live with my boyfriend (It wasn’t an online relationship. We lived together previously) He never showed up at the airport. Haven’t heard a whisper since. I feel your pain. Please keep your chin up and don’t let the, “what could I have done differently?” thoughts torment you❤️ This experience was the inspiration for my blog. I blog ghosting experiences anonymously for people. I found it helped to share my story. Maybe you would like me to share your story??

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