I did not extend an invitation to the dreadful Bipolar. His breath is bad and he smells foul. I beg of you, please move his name card to different table! I do not want him near me.

So about me? Well, yeah, there’s the Bipolar. Plus, physical ailments and chronic pain wear me down. There’s a lot more to me, though. I have a family. I’m a cat guardian. I have a few really close friends. I live in the Hill Country of Texas. I love reading, writing, art, cats, water, fish (hey! the cat likes fish, too). I love the Marvel character, Loki.💚 I like Gummi Bears ~ Haribo, no cheap knock offs. Always watching Food Network. Wish I could cook more often. Shout Out to Chef Jet Tila, Ali Tila & Troy Johnson. Shout Out to Jesus…He is the One who has gotten me through all of this. Stubbornness helps, too, I suppose. I can be kinda feisty, and I can be withdrawn, but hey, that’s Bipolar.

Taken on a Good Day