Hi, I’m Jen, and I have Bipolar. (In unison, group bellows, “Hi, Jen!”) Ugh. What have I gotten myself into now?

Feel free to comment, ask questions, invite friends to take a look. (You are all invited. The Bipolar was not invited.)


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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Jen. I thought about doing a blog but I never got around to it and the place that I saw to host the blog wanted money that I couldn’t afford. But you did it. I’m so proud of you. Keep it up girl.

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  2. Congratulations on being nominated for the “Blogger Appreciation Award.” I selected you for this award because you are amazing and I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts. Your blog is awesome, very insightful, informative, inspirational and very well written. I appreciate you and I appreciate your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, wisdom and yourself with all of us. Here is the link to my “Blogger Appreciation Award” post…
    I hope you will be able to participate. There is no need to hurry. Just take your time and finish when and if you have time. Thank you very much. Have a happy, healthy and fabulous day. Hugs, Sue

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