A quick word on gifts. I gave a gift of my time, love, attention and affection to my son and my mom today. Both of whom I live with, and both were feeling down, for separate, but significant issues. By the time we were done “hanging out” all three of us felt better. Giving of myself because I care for loved ones also blesses me.

Afterward, I watched the most recent three X-Men movies straight in a row, doing nothing, except applying the occasional ice pack on stubborn, problematic joints. I gave myself the gift of self-care. In doing that, I feel rested, stronger, yet somehow lighter and happier.


Sometimes, we just need to treat ourselves as well as we treat others, and I know that I personally forget that. I would never dream of treating my family and friends the way I treat myself. I would never dream of speaking to my family and friends the way I speak to myself. Why is that?

I don’t know that I have an answer to that. In fact, this isn’t the way I imagined this blog entry unfolding. I was just going to talk about a nice day and how groovy that is.

I’m glad that I’ve tried to teach my son to care for himself and to try to establish healthy boundaries, without being selfish or self-centered. Hopefully, he will instill that in his children at an even younger age that I did with him, and I think part of that needs to be with actions that can be seen. We can advise others of something, but if we don’t walk the walk and talk the talk, it’s all irrelevant.


I guess to try to wrap up this rambling I’m doing, I just want to say today was fun because I treated myself to what I needed. I hope my son learns this necessary and vital lesson and passes it along to his friends and family. That’s all we can do, I think. Live a healthy life, a happy one, and pour our love and positivity onto the people around us – help them grow into something beautiful that will be around long after us, like the bloody Coleus and Salvia I’m trying to grow in the flower beds along side the young trees in the yard who will be here long after I’m gone.


Just wanted to check in real quick. I’m alive.


I’m behind on reading other’s blogs. I thank you for your continued support. I feel I should tell you that I was extremely mixed-episode type ill for a couple of weeks around early January (I believe). Then, I was physically ill after my immune carrier-monkey son brought home the flu. Then, I had to start with a new PM doc, and new meds and changes. Finally, a moment to breathe, I think, and we get texts stating my aunt lost her battle with 20 + years of Parkinson’s. Everyone is sad, family devastated, but my happiness comes from knowing two things.

1. She’s no longer in pain.

2. She is with Our Savior, Christ Jesus.

So, in Terminator type style, I say to you, “I’ll be back.”


Caturday! Lil Late, Tho…

Somewhere out there in social media world, probably IG and Twitter, I see posts on Saturdays about beloved cats. Thus, #Caturday.


I’m a couple hours late, but I totally got down with the whole cat deal, while celebrating Mother’s Day, even. Actually, that kicked it off, kinda. I was given a Willow Tree figurine. I adore those. I mean, for years I have collected them. This one resembled me, though. Dark hair girl holding a loving orange cat looking up affectionately at his guardian/mom. (Aka Richard Parker in my home). The inserted card with the figurine names the pretty trinket “Kindness, Above All, Kindness.”

Later, I colored in my kitten pictures coloring book. I wore my awesome cat headphones my in-laws gave me and jammed out, all next to my awesome cat night-light. Of course, sweet orange tabby was in my lap or snuggled in the blanket at my feet.

How is this relevant to a Bipolar Blog? It’s not a long entry, but the things I’ve mentioned convey and gift love and delight. These type of things and love go a long way in helping me be thankful and smile.


Smiles, laughter, craft or art of some kind, music, and pets who love you and help beat the blues…these are fantastic meds!

So blessed.🐯


CRAZY Cat Lady

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

So let’s talk about it one piece of a screwed up jigsaw puzzle that hopefully makes things a bit more tolerable.


Sometimes, it’s the little things. Taking a stroll, working with flowers in the lawn, visiting an aquarium, having lunch out just me alone, family time of talks or games, playing with four-legged friends, like my favorite orange tabby, Richard Parker.

I even receive a monthly Cat Lady Box. Has decorative cat stuff for me, the Crazy one, and even two toys for the cat. These make me smile, and I try to find reasons to smile and laugh each day. Wards off the blues… sometimes… and helps me remember to be thankful for those things and people I have in my life.