Mind of a Rampage Killer

Here’s my promise to you. Each of you. Directly. Even if you don’t know of someone with a Mental Health issue, a bullying issue, teens with severe anxiety, depression, and so much more not listed here, you will still be affected by it in some way during your lifetime.

~ Nova: Mind of a Rampage Killer (2013) currently playing on Netflix.


Nature vs Nurture, a topic.

A tough watch about a teen who was bullied and eventually shot fellow students at school, but full of interesting studies and findings, that will one day hopefully help find a solution. We cannot as a society ignore these issues. They suck, but we’ve got to do what we can.


Don’t feel you can watch? Google the subject. There are also juvenile justice issues and mental illness involved.




Anger, Sadness, Bullying Behavior & Retaliation

Hi, thanks if you’ve been reading, sharing and enjoying. If you’re new, happy to meet you.

Something has come up with my child who also has Bipolar. I can’t talk about it right now until we know more information. So, I’m not already ignoring my blog, is what I’m trying to say. I know I have not been writing much. I’ve just got rough circumstances in the home right now, and probably legally shouldn’t discuss online. Even if I could, I owe my child privacy. I’ll fill in more when I can. I’m also thinking about how we with Bipolar deal with crises, already having difficulties with such extreme emotions and anxiety. I plan to elaborate as I am able.