Extremely Depressed

8.2.19 blog entry

I’ve been having trouble writing lately.


I am so depressed. There is no reason I ‘should’ be. Nothing newly bad or upsetting has popped up. Things are status quo. Even a few big, fun things on the horizon. Doesn’t matter though. I can barely get up. I’m sleeping a lot. I am starting to feel that paranoia biting at me.


Just gotta keep trying.

Your Opinion?

You there! Yes, you lucky son of a gun with Bipolar, or you the family member, or friend! Do you think of Bipolar as a “disorder” only, or are you feeling a good word to describe Bipolar is also “disease?” I gotta say, looking at definitions (which I’m going to post) and based on how I feel it affects my life, I think of Bipolar as a disease.

Thoughts, please?