Can I Definitively Judge and Answer?

I ran across this and thought, there never was a “happy me.” Old? Yes. But happy?

I wonder if, on another day, when a different version of me lives, I will claim I’ve experienced all the joy in the world?

Not knowing who you’ll be, what version, on any given day is because of the trickster, Bipolar. I would bet all my money my answers to these kinds of questions will vary day by day. If that’s true, how do I trust anything? I know I can trust God. I know I can trust a few family members and dear friends. That’s what I *know* but not how I always *feel!* With BP, I often must trust what I know even when I do not feel it.


What are your thoughts?

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things🎵🎵🎵

I’m down tonight. I am not 100% certain why. May just be those misfirings in my brain, but I think it is likely due to all the physical pain I’m enduring right now. My feet and the tendonitis and bone spurs. My lower lumbar fused back. Joints suffering with arthritis, and a fibromyalgia flare-up.

So, it’s time to turn to things I know will help me emotionally hold on, rather than give in to this sadness.

A much-loved Bible devotional.

A lovely and inspiring Bible.

Philippians 4:6 This scripture verse helped me make it through my first mental health hospital stay. I love that the best verses in this Bible have a colored pictures and drawings. My husband also bought me a book to color various verses in Psalms, when he gifted me the Bible.

Adore good smelling stuff. Makes me feel pretty, and things start improving. Plus, I think it keeps Bipolar’s stench at bay. 😉

Again with the smell good stuffs. Drop a few drops in a diffuser, shower, laundry… Orange is my first choice. There are tons of pleasant scents. Smell as diffuser fills the air, relax, ground myself, and pray.

Cat toys because the cat and I are about to play fetch. Yep, those are ponytail holders. I throw those, as well as some mouse toys, he jumps, catches them, and brings them back to me. Like I said, fetch.

Richard Parker (yep, tiger in Life of Pi) and I snuggling. He was comforting me in this photo. He hugs.

These are a few things I do, in addition to walking the dogs for a bit, doing chair exercises and stretches, and praying. And I feel better. Sometimes a lot better. Sometimes just a bit. But I gotta keep chipping away it.

No Coincidence 

I love this new adult-coloring fad. (Let’s face it, though, many of us have been secretly coloring for years in order to prevent curling into the fetal position and breaking down!) I do actually enjoy the artistic bit of it. Shading, choosing colors that will go together, and so on. Look at this one that I completed the evening before I began putting this site and blog together. Then, I noticed what I colored. Psalm 20:4 …grant my hearts desire and see that my plans succeed… God, obviously. Of course. Always.

Interesting, no?