CRAZY Cat Lady

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

So let’s talk about it one piece of a screwed up jigsaw puzzle that hopefully makes things a bit more tolerable.


Sometimes, it’s the little things. Taking a stroll, working with flowers in the lawn, visiting an aquarium, having lunch out just me alone, family time of talks or games, playing with four-legged friends, like my favorite orange tabby, Richard Parker.

I even receive a monthly Cat Lady Box. Has decorative cat stuff for me, the Crazy one, and even two toys for the cat. These make me smile, and I try to find reasons to smile and laugh each day. Wards off the blues… sometimes… and helps me remember to be thankful for those things and people I have in my life.


Marvel Parallel (a quick funny)

So, my son finds it amusing She-Hulk’s human name is Jennifer. It’s quite funny among the four of us. Tick her off, and no more Jennifer…only the action-packed She-Hulk!

Whatever…I already have the green eyes and tons of thick, dark hair. I’m down with it.

Listen though, if I am leasing space in the Marvel World, I insist on meeting Loki.💚💚💚