I’m a Mutant, X-Men Style

Maybe I’ve gotten into X-Men comics and especially the movies too much lately.


But I’m fairly certain I’m a Mutant. Pretty cool considering, Jean is gorgeous. Storm is kick-butt! And Mystique, her name says it all.



Anyway, it’s quite clear to me that I am a mutant. A really, really screwed up one. I mean, my brain constantly misfiring and perceiving – fibromyalgia, Bipolar, blah, blah, and other acronyms. But heck! I can’t even fire lava-like flames out of my eyeballs and scorch people like doctors who cannot help, and people who say stupid things about what they *think* is going on with me.


I mean, at least Scott/Cyclops has groovy shades. Lol!





Marvel Parallel (a quick funny)

So, my son finds it amusing She-Hulk’s human name is Jennifer. It’s quite funny among the four of us. Tick her off, and no more Jennifer…only the action-packed She-Hulk!

Whatever…I already have the green eyes and tons of thick, dark hair. I’m down with it.

Listen though, if I am leasing space in the Marvel World, I insist on meeting Loki.💚💚💚