You Are Not Alone


One thing about mental illnesses vs physical (& visible) illnesses is the response and support I receive from friends, fellow church members and even family members.

Broke my foot, my support system and community rallied to provide meals for at least two weeks, which was much appreciated.

Down and depressed though, rarely have I received offers of the same kind of help.

I have been thinking, why is that? I’ve come up with two reasons, as far as my own experience goes.

1. People are uncomfortable around someone struggling with depression and/or anxiety. It’s just the truth.

2. I have not done a good job reaching out and asking for help. So why on earth would friends and family feel anything else besides uncomfortable?

Having pondered that, I’ve decided in the future I will try my very best to ask for help, and during my okay times, I’ll continue to try to share things about Bipolar with others.

I would like for there to be encouragement and support for those with illness, as well as their family and friends, on this site.


I want people to know they are not alone.


TRIPPIN – 7.2.18

Today, my son and I (both Bipolar) will travel from one area of Texas to another. You see, it’s entirely possible to drive an eight hour day, from Point A to B, and still finish the trip *inside of Texas* but I digress.

We’re headed to the Dallas area for medical issues, business appointments and visiting with family and friends. We make this particular trip often, and I think we’ve got it down. I have special playlists and/or audiobooks I listen to while driving. My son listens to his own music or watches a movie with his headphones framing his adorbs face. We find we both can quickly experience sensory overload, and can be confused and frustrated without routine. So, we have certain places we stop every trip – gas/general store for not only gas, but clean bathrooms and snacks. We also have a Walgreens we frequent and know what town we’ll stop in if we are hungry for a meal. It took us awhile to get this down, and it’s important we were able to because we make this trip every two to three months. Additionally, my son wants to travel in order to have opportunities to take beautiful photographs, as that is his passion and career plan.


Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I thought I’d share a few things that work for us. Along with the traveling, there are certain things I must pack, such as my Kindle Fire, so I may read and play games, coloring book with a few pencils, favorite films downloaded on that Kindle I mentioned. We have rules for the hotel room about where to place toiletries and where to bag trash, then take it out each time we leave the room.

These are a few things that helps us survive each other and survive ourselves.

Do you guys find a need for something(s) like this? Would you care to share?



Watch or Avoid – Psych Suspense Dilemma ~ 6.30.18

I am curious if you guys with mental health issues (or if you have a family member or friend struggling) have to be careful watching psychological suspense?

I’m so intrigued by the trailer for the film Unsane. But I just never know if what I want to watch will be a great film for thought, processing and discussion, or just send me right over the edge.

Therefore, I usually avoid watching movies like this.

What about y’all?