TRIPPIN – 7.2.18

Today, my son and I (both Bipolar) will travel from one area of Texas to another. You see, it’s entirely possible to drive an eight hour day, from Point A to B, and still finish the trip *inside of Texas* but I digress.

We’re headed to the Dallas area for medical issues, business appointments and visiting with family and friends. We make this particular trip often, and I think we’ve got it down. I have special playlists and/or audiobooks I listen to while driving. My son listens to his own music or watches a movie with his headphones framing his adorbs face. We find we both can quickly experience sensory overload, and can be confused and frustrated without routine. So, we have certain places we stop every trip – gas/general store for not only gas, but clean bathrooms and snacks. We also have a Walgreens we frequent and know what town we’ll stop in if we are hungry for a meal. It took us awhile to get this down, and it’s important we were able to because we make this trip every two to three months. Additionally, my son wants to travel in order to have opportunities to take beautiful photographs, as that is his passion and career plan.


Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I thought I’d share a few things that work for us. Along with the traveling, there are certain things I must pack, such as my Kindle Fire, so I may read and play games, coloring book with a few pencils, favorite films downloaded on that Kindle I mentioned. We have rules for the hotel room about where to place toiletries and where to bag trash, then take it out each time we leave the room.

These are a few things that helps us survive each other and survive ourselves.

Do you guys find a need for something(s) like this? Would you care to share?


Alone Time? Pffffft!

Let me say this.

When I think of a doctor’s appointment, and the drive is 1-hr each way…and I’m excited to have that time alone (again, I am talking about driving to see a doctor) …I’m guessing I need to get out on my own a little more often.


Sensory overload can be a real problem. I just need everyone and everything near me to hush. Like immediately. Even myself!


Yeah. I’ll pencil that into my oh-so-empty calendar. 


When It’s Best to STHU!

Usually, I enjoy the quiet when everyone in the house has gone to bed. It’s nice as I can real quick-like freak out because of overstimulation. People talking too loud. Too much action on the tv. Accidentally reading something stressful. Just too much movement, noise and…well, chaos.

However, tonight with the sun down and everyone asleep, I feel incredibly lonely. That tends to not go all that well for me,  because some crapola from my past sneaks in and floors me. Sometimes, I can sort through it using the toolbox my therapist and I built. The other times, nothing works. Tonight is just that…nothing working.




I wrote about what was bothering me, my dad long-gone and my family through him. Steps and halves. Easier to say family, even if it doesn’t feel that way 100% of the time. I’m not going to post it yet, though. I’ve learned to let it simmer and read it again the next day after some rest…figure out if I still think I should post it, or send the email, or make a call…whatever the case may be.

So, I wait…