Takes a Village, Tis True

Well, it has happened. Worse has come to worst. I’ve been sick for three weeks 🤧🤢🤒 and finally had to acquiesce, and have begun taking a Medrol Dose Pack. Now, steroids can mess up even the sanest among us, but for me it can cause some really adverse, not-so-fun reactions. So, we (family, friends and I – takes a village) are watching closely, and I am monitoring how I’m feeling both emotionally and physically. Just praying and using grounding techniques to make it through this part of my Bipolar experience, which is sometimes difficult.

Take care all, and thanks for continuing to read! xo

Not in a Box, Not with a Fox…I Do Not Like this BP, Sam… I Do Not Like It, Sam I Am…

Simple enough blog entry. Cannot pull it together today. Not with extra sleep, trying a movie and a book that interests me, stretching and light exercises, or planning Good things for tomorrow. Nothing has helped. I feel apathetic and tired, though not sleepy. I am dealing with flushing doctor-prescribed steroids out of my system on top of it all. Doesn’t mix well with my Bipolar. Have heard the same from many.

So, what I wanna know… Do you allow yourself to call it quits? Recognize that it’s just not gonna happen today? Like, I’m going to crash in my favorite chair with my #1 blanket, eat the bare minimum, drink a Dr. Pepper, and call it DOA. A crap day from moment one. I tried, but I allow myself to give now. Then let out a huge sigh of relief…

Is that dangerous territory? Do you think that’s acceptable? Do you think you can safely do so without causing possible troubles for tomorrow? How do you know if you’re headed to point-of-no-return-depression-land?

Thanks & good luck peeps. ✌✌✌