STIGMA & HYPOCRISY…just wanted to help kids

I’m quite down tonight. Have been since yesterday when CASA wouldn’t have me as a volunteer…”because my life mirrors the kiddos who need help, and I might be triggered.” My Bipolar Disorder wasn’t looked upon with favor, either. Again… “You might be triggered.”

Let me say, it’s a consistent thing I’ve dealt with for…for forever basically, just like others with Bipolar Disorder.

I know how to handle myself, and when to ask for help from my support team.

My background and current “disorder” would actually enable me to connect well with children.

Instead, I miss out. Someone I could’ve helped misses out. Stigma and hypocrisy still breed and thrive, even in the last places you’d expect to find them.

Working It OUT!!!

Working It OUT, outside. I’m feeling low, and the yard needs watering. Out, I went. Felt good seeing that the cardinal families have returned. Tons of birds out. Spread birdseed. They bathed in the sprinklers. I watered the sage and shrubs. Decided what plants are going into the walkway area.

Being outside, working with my hands, smelling the earth, feeling grass blades…it’s all so good for the blues I suffer with Bipolar Disorder. Not all the time, but hey, today I take the win!!

And the yard and birds benefit, too.